Regional Non-governmental Organization for protection of children's rights "Right of the Child" (ROC)
works from 1996, was registered in the Justice Department of Moscow on 18.03.1998 (registration certificate 8936). 
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Right of the Child,
Russian Research Center for Human Rights
Luchnikov lane, 4,office 6, Moscow, 103982, Russia.
Tel./fax: +7-495-624-07-52 / 621-15-65
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Chair of the Board - Boris Altshuler:

participant of human rights movement in the Former USSR since early 1970-th and then – in Russia, Member: Moscow Helsinki Group, Civic Chamber of Russia (according to President Medvedev’s Decrees from 2009 and 2011, Deputy Chair of the Civic Chamber’s Commission on Social Politics), Expert Council of Ombudsman for Human Rights of Russia; Chair of the Coordinating Council of NGOs on affairs of children with disabilities.
Executive director of ROC, Head of the Humanitarian Program “Help Children of Russia”- Emma Ogarysheva:

participant in human rights defense beginning from 1989, works in ROC since 1996.
Head of the ROC’s Projects “Right of the Child for the Family” and “HIP and Children”, - Svetlana Pronina:

expert of the Civic Chamber of Russia. 
ROC is a member of the Russian Research Center for Human Rights, and of the Child Rights Connect (before 2013 called “NGO Group for the Convention of the Rights of the Child”, Geneva).
ROC is Laureate of the Mother Tereza All-Russia Contest “Childhood without violence and cruelty” and deserved the Award of the Ombudsman for Human Rights of Russia “For Protection of Human Rights”.
Main directions of activity:
- Everyday work of the “child rights” Service which is a sort of “ambulance” for children and families.
- Work with authorities of all levels in the interests of children and families with children.
- Assistance and raising of the advocacy potential of regional NGOs involved in protection of children and families with children.
- Special projects “Right of the Child for the Family” and “HIV and Children”.
- Humanitarian Program for inmates of poor Orphanages.
- Project “Development of the Public control of children’s institutions”.
- Drafting and submission of the Alternative Reports to the UN Committee on the Rights of the Child.

Main results of work:

1. Saved children and families with children.

2.  Elaboration of ways of deinstitutionalization of more than 300 thousands (in 2013) of Russian children permanently living in institutions: pilot programs “Vacation in the Family” and deinstitutionalization of inmates of the Orphanage for disabled kids in the town of Smolensk by reorganization it into the regional Family Assisting Service; distribution of this experience over Russia and generalizing it into the Federal laws and rules.

Regional Non-governmental OrganizaRight of the Child (ROC)

Kiddy says to Director of the Orphanage:

«Vasil’evna, if you will not find parents for me my soul will burst!… Find me Mummy, of any sort. I know, you can do it…».

3. Summing up the technology of the family restoring social work.

4. Children’s rights NGOs were created in some Russian regions.

5. Drafting and promotion of the child and family protecting Laws in collaboration with friendly NGOs: innovative amendments in the Draft Laws “On the Social Service in Russia”, “On Education”, in The Civil Code and in the Family Code of Russia; elaboration of the Federal Law on Public Control of Observation of Children’s Rights in Children’s Institutions (it was introduced to Parliament by President Medvedev on 27.12.2011, later - on 28.12.2012 is supported by President Putin’s Decree and now is considered in State Duma).

6. Inclusion in the National Strategy of Actions in the Interests of Children (approved by the President’s Decree from 1 June 2012) of the priorities in protecting the rights of HIV-infected children.

7. In 1998, 2005 and in the beginning of 2013 ROC was an umbrella NGO for Coalitions of Russian NGOs which drafted and submitted to the UN Committee on the Rights of the Child (CRC) of the Alternative Reports; the proposals of these Reports were taken into account in the CRC’s Concluding Observations from 1999 and 2005. On 20 June 2013 Chair of ROC and other representatives of the Coalition participated in the pre-Session Meeting of Russian NGOs with CRC’s members.

ROC Bank accounts (EURO and USD):
SBERBANK OAO, Moscow, Russia
Saving bank of Russian Federation, Meshchanskoe branch  7811/096, 103031, Moscow, Neglinnaya str. 10


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Address :  4, Louchnikov Lane, Moscow, 101000, RUSSIA

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Humanitarian Program


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Housing, food, children's gardens, the problems of large families


HIV and children


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Alternative Report to the UN Committee on the Rights of the Child