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09.01.2013 - Appeal to President of France on Children and on Pavel Astakhov

January 9, 2013
To President of the French Republic Francois Hollande

Dear Mr. President!

I ask you to speak in defense of Russian orphans who, beginning from 1 January 2013, are refused by the Law to reunite with American adoptive parents.

And please consider limiting the right of entry to France Mr. Pavel Astakhov, Commissioner under President of Russia for Children's Rights, and other representatives of the authorities of the Russian Federation involved in this adoption ban.

Pavel Astakhov actively supported this ban which direct result was that:
- 5-year-old Pauline C. and Marat Z. suffering from the cerebral palsy;
- children with Down syndrome Vitaly T. (4 years), Barbara L. (2 years) Albina D. (4 years), Dmitry M. (3 years), Sophia M. (3 years);
- HIV-infected Anastasia N. (4 years);
- suffering from spinal hernia Maria C. (3 years),
and many other orphans who were prepared to be adopted and treated by the American adoption parents, will remain in Russian orphanages, with all the tragic consequences for children.

At the same time Pavel Astakhov regularly visits his family living in a luxury villa on the Cote d'Azur in Cannes - 7days.ru

In my opinion, it is unfair. There are no limits and borders to cynicism of many Russian officials and members of both houses of the Federal Assembly, but the civilized countries have the right to close their borders to these gentlemen.

I ask you:
- to intercede with the President of the Russian Federation on the manifestation of the elementary humanity as regards to Russian children;
- to consider the cancellation of the Mr. Astakhov’s Schengen visa - at least until the moment when he would retire from his position of the Ombudsman for Children’s Rights of Russia, and thereby will free Russian children from his brutal "care."

Boris Altshuler,
Chairman of the NGO "Right of the Child",
Member of the Civic Chamber of the Russian Federation,
Member of the Moscow Helsinki Group.


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