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14.04.2015, Lyudmila Alexeeva and Boris Altshuler. Open letter to the President of the RF

Why do children have nowhere to live in the largest country in the world?
Open letter to the President of the Russian Federation Vladimir Putin
April 14, 2015

Dear Vladimir Vladimirovich!

In the Moscow Helsinki Group  are received  desperate requests  for  help from  fami-lies with children who do not have housing and residence registration or  who are  threat-ened legal eviction  from their only  housing. The Constitution guarantees Russian citizens the right to housing and basic social rights and does not connect realization of these rights with the registration.

Laws, on the basis of which the courts of Moscow and other regions make deci-sions about eviction "to nowhere" of the 6-children family, of family with 4 children wait-ing for the birth of the 5-th one, of the single mother with small child, etc.   are clearly un-constitutional.

We ask you to initiate amendments to the legislation prohibiting evictions without alternative housing, as well as eliminating unconstitutional social discrimi-nation because of the absence of registration of the place of residency.

But this is -  for the future,  and our fellow citizens are left without a roof over their head, live in unbearable dwelling  conditions  right now, and they need help immediately.

What to do? 
The paradox is that the housing problems in Russia can be resolved quickly and with little or even without any budget allocations. Modern technologies allow to build res-idential buildings for months or even weeks. And in Russia there are   plenty of  building companies that are not chasing  super-incomes and are ready to build for the people much, good, fast and cheap. Institutional mechanisms  to attract  these investments and this huge now unclaimed potential are developed at the present time by the Council  for Human Rights under the President of the Russian Federation in the framework  of activities of the Joint Council and the Ministry of Construction  of Russia Working Group on the Right of Citizens for Affordable Housing.

And the savagery of the present  situation is that the whole  dramatic people’s hous-ing problems unfold  against the background  of a giant commercial construction, which brings  super-incomes to the  narrow groups  of monopolists, developers,  which monopoly 2 is ‘under the roof’  of  the corrupted state officials.  The  selfish motives of  the Govern-ment’s sabotage of your ‘housing’ instructions are evident.

We ask you to order to elaborate New Housing  Policy in the Russian Federa-tion on the basis of proposals from the Human Rights Council. And we ask you to dismiss due to non-compliance of service  vice-premiers Dmitri Kozak and Igor Shu-valov, who for many years were responsible for the realization of federal programs of affordable housing and who totally flubbed these programs.

Main Russian disease during centuries is corruption, because of which in the largest and most resource-rich country in the world children have nowhere to live, and  millions of parents are enforced  to solve the everyday problem to feed their children.   The search for  external or  internal  ‘enemies’  in the face of the United States, West,  NGOs –  ‘foreign agents’  –  it is  just a way to divert attention from the  treatment of decease of corruption and to continue  to appropriate national wealth. Unfortunately,  to  overcome corruption with the use of only  national remedies is  practically impossible, as impossible  e.g.  to pull himself out of the swamp by  one’s own  hair. There is great need in the  external  fulcrums which may become the international obligations of the Russian Federation, as well as  of any other country - member of the relevant international agreements and conventions.

In  the  1975  famous  Helsinki  Declaration was signed,  which  "Third, humanitarian, Basket" became the basis of modern more secure and more humane world order.

We urge you and other world leaders to initiate the development of a new "Fourth Basket" of international  instruments to overcome the corruption, poverty and ensuring observation of social rights for millions.

Adoption of this  package of  international  measures is  necessary not only to Russia and  for  its people, it  is strongly needed for  people of many countries suffering  now  from corruption, lack of control and unaccountability of the ruling bureaucracies.

Lyudmila Alexeeva,
Chairperson of the Moscow Helsinki Group
Boris Altshuler,
A member of the Moscow Helsinki Group, chairman of the "Right of the Child", a
member of the Working Group on the Right of Citizens to Affordable Housing formed by
the  Council on Human Rights under President of the Russian Federation  and the Ministry
of Construction of Russia.


It is clear that these emergencies – are just a drop in the ocean of the well known to you huge housing problem in Russia. It is clear that a deficit  of housings  is necessary to overcome as quick as possible  –  this is the aim of your  Decree of May 7, 2012 № 600, which  basic instructions  are not fulfilled by the  Government  during 3 years:  favorable conditions for private investment in housing  constructions are not created, the mecha-nisms preventing  monopolistic activities and unfair competition in this area are not devel-oped, rental housings  affordable for people with low income are not formed at all.

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